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High Intensity Coaching: August 2018

Procabulary HIC (High Intensity Coaching) is a structured 4 Week Program that will help you turn a Problem into an Asset. We're on the lookout for 12 Select Coaching Clients who want to tackle a specific problem, move the needle, and make progress NOW.
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  • (4x) 1 Hour Weekly Coaching Calls

    Review your previous week's work, identify progress, set next week's agenda for your one-on-one session with Mark.

  • Customized Weekly Action Plans

    Co-author your weekly Action Plans with Mark to develop a new Practice. Review and log daily Activities and Thoughts in provided PDF worksheets.

  • Quantify Your Transformation

    Weekly Pre-Call Surveys + Action Plans to track your state. Feedback after every call to tweak High Intensity Coaching to best fit YOU.

  • Weekly Email Follow Ups

    Stay in touch between Coaching Calls with Email Follow-ups prompted by Mark. Review Progress and Stay In The Zone.

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