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Not Jogging

I was conducting a Procabulary workshop at a health and detox resort in Thailand last month with a focus on goal-setting. I asked one participant what his number one goal was. “Easy,” he said, “to get fit and stay fit.”

So I asked him how he planned on doing that, if he was going to exercise or change his diet.

He replied, “Yeah, I guess.”

Is that a yes or is that a no.”

Yes. Yes, I will exercise.”

What kind of exercise?

He paused for a moment. “Not Jogging.”

He let out a frustrated exhale and leaned back in his seat.

Here was yet another crystal clear example of the power Negations have over us. The words, “Not Jogging” of course made him visualize being miserable while jogging, corrupted his energy, stressed his breath and royally screwed up his body language.

I then asked him what kind of exercise he did want to do.

Martial Arts.”

He started to get excited. His body language changed. His breath changed. He said there was a Thai boxing gym right down the street from his hotel. He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his calendar, searching for the soonest time he could begin.

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