Brandon Powell

Adam Chin

Brandon-Powell-Procabulary Testimonial

“Core Language Upgrade is a world class program supplying its user the tools for deep introspection into the art of empowering our personal story. It helped me realize the strengths and weaknesses of my dialogue, and gave me great insights into my daily language that have enhanced my personal and professional relationships.”

Keith Reynolds

Adam Chin

Keith Reynolds Procabulary Testimonial

“Quality leadership requires clear communication. As the leader of a community networking organization, I rely on the influence and value of my words every day. Procabulary has allowed me to recognize coaching opportunities with our members while helping me to catch myself when my message may not be communicated clearly. The lessons learned through the Core Language Upgrade have made … Read More

François Garon

Adam Chin

Francious Garon Procabulary Testimonial

“I completed the Core Language Upgrade this weekend. The content is presented in a simple and clear fashion. It’s professional, totally honed and I can see it’s been diligently researched. I considered myself to be above average in using core language and doing this course showed me many things I can improve. I’m now moving forward again thanks to this … Read More

Baskar Goswami

Adam Chin

“Having benefited so profoundly from yoga practice, I consider myself a ‘yogipreneur’ after starting two award winning wellness companies (BODHI and daana). My life is an expression of this enthusiasm, and a willingness to share so that others may also experience the benefits. For this, it is vital to understand the power of the words expressed with confidence and clarity. … Read More

Angelo Sisco

Adam Chin


As a leader, I actively pursue professional development for myself and my employees. My goal is to help each one of us reflect on ideal practices for self-improvement. Enhancing our collective ability to communicate is a formative goal that I have set for my company because it helps create a more efficient, beneficial atmosphere for our clients. At first, I … Read More

Kara Silva

Adam Chin

Kara Silva - Procabulary Testimonial

“My one on one Procabulary coaching sessions are priceless. Recently, I was going through some extremely stressful times. I hired Mark for help in dealing with the situation and to provide some additional support for myself during this time. I would bring the thoughts and stories that were bothering me most to the coaching sessions. Using Procabulary, Mark helped me work … Read More