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Procabulary goes far beyond trying to have a good attitude. By using language to reveal exactly how we approach our lives, Procabulary provides practical tools to overcome challenges for both individuals and organizations.
Goodbye confusion, conflict and pain. Hello focus, clarity and power.


“Procabulary is the real deal. I became aware of my unconscious language patterns and understood instantly how they were either helping or hurting me. That one simple shift was enough to help me develop greater self confidence and that is priceless for me as a coach, writer and entrepreneur who is often in the spotlight.”

“I took the 21 days online workshop and within 1 week, my clients saw a change in my language. I already had a pretty well positive speech, being in the yoga world…but my language has switched to a whole other level: more assertive, direct and clear. Everyone will benefit from it: entrepreneurs, workers, even students!”

“Six weeks ago I sustained an injury that was going to lead to two surgeries and effectively end working out, and no running. Period. I tried to push through and run but could only manage 3-4 miles. After taking the course I said to my wife, I WILL run 10 miles BECAUSE I know I CAN. I repeated the phrase at least 15 times warming up and many more times in my head. I did 10 Miles. Just as I said I would!”

“Just finished the course! I ‘can’t’ even BEGIN to tell you how amazing I think Core Language Upgrade is. EVERYONE will benefit from this program.”

I’m seeing improvement professionally already. I also practiced with my spouse and it is doing wonders for us! Our communication is getting us to where we want so much faster. Great program!”

“Procabulary is like having a new super power. I have been using it in my personal life and in my coaching as well.It really works.



Whether you’re looking to build better relationships, achieve your ultimate fitness goals, or establish a strong financial future, Procabulary provides the tools that support and empower you.  This practical method can be scaled from the simplest everyday goals to the most ambitious lifelong pursuits.


Procabulary quantifies where you are in life and where you’re going, by using your words as a measuring tool. Best of all, this methodology is streamlined and easy to get started. Practice it with friends, family or coworkers; while interacting with your children, on your commute to work, at the gym, or anywhere you choose.


Learn ways to be kind and understanding while also maintaining your integrity. Being able to care for yourself and others in ways that keep you balanced is crucial to achieving a fulfilling life. Procabulary uncovers how to be an inspiring, uplifting and valuable person.