Get Your People Talking…
Like Pros

Looking for a keynote speaker who can make a lasting impact? Mark England enlivens and excites with a unique combination of practical information and uplifting ideas. Procabulary Events inspire your team with interactive workshops and game-changing ideas.


Get Your People Talking…
Like Pros

Looking for a keynote speaker who can make a lasting impact?
Mark England enlivens and excites with a unique combination of practical information and uplifting ideas. Procabulary Events inspire your team with interactive workshops and game-changing ideas.

“It was fantastic to have Mark and Procabulary present at the Togetherness festival. Mark is a professional with a very strong delivery. The feedback was uniformly excellent and people walked away feeling great.”Adam Wilder | Togetherness Festival Producer
“As a participant in many of Mark’s small group sessions, I found his work to be eye-opening as he shared the power of words. We could see the eureka insights his participants gained through these events, myself included… these lessons are extremely useful and remarkable.”Brian Muka | Nerium International

Keynote Speaker,
Magical Concepts

It all begins with the influential power of language.

Whether you have 5 people or 5,000 people, it’s equally important that your team is able to communicate effectively to increase productivity and eliminate conflict before it begins.

Dramatically reduce wasted time and valuable resources on preventable (and all too common) miscommunication. This includes problems within your organization and with clients.

Happy Teams = More Effective Teams

Learn a variety of tools and techniques to nurture high-achieving and strongly committed teams. Activate their excitement to share the common goal of success in all areas.

Get in Touch with our Events Coordinator and learn how to make your next event a Procabulary event. We look forward to helping you use Powerful Words to Build Powerful People.

Podcasts + Radio
Barbell Shrugged · Barbell Business · The Next Level Podcast with Jeff Agostinelli · The Alpha Movement Podcast with Tom Foxley · Pirate Radio with Tait Fletcher · The Mike Bledsoe Show · The Whole Life Challenge with Andy Petranik · The Matt Belair Podcast · Working Against Gravity · The Entrepreneurial Grind · Beyond Macros with Matt Walrath · Pleasure Monkey with Connor Moore · The Mike Slater Show (Radio) · Behind The Podium with Jared Cohen and Alex Ellis · Mind Muscle Media

Envision Festival (Costa Rica) 2012-2014 · Water Woman Festival (Ecuador) 2012 · Istanbul International Yoga Festival (Turkey) 2016 · Togetherness (Uk) 2017


Create an emotionally healthy culture and watch your people thrive. Get fresh tools to build productive teams that love working with you and each other. Let's Get In Touch and Bring Procabulary to your Organization.


When was the last time you attended an event that offered easy-to-use practical information AND uplifted your spirit? We’ll provide a memorable experience that your audience will continue to talk about. Procabulary's Eventbrite Public Event Page.


Host Procabulary with an online event and introduce your team to concepts they can immediately apply – to bring more success and fun to all areas in life. Procabulary's Crowdcast Webinar Page.

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  • Festivals – Yoga, Wellness and Fitness Conferences, Workshops and Festivals are a natural fit with Procabulary
  • Networking Groups – Entrepreneurs and other Professional associations love Procabulary
  • Podcasts + YouTube – Mark has appeared on over 20+ popular podcasts of various genres in 2017 alone.
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Mark England | Bio

In 2002 Mark England moved to Thailand to further his dream of becoming a professional fighter – to train Muay Thai (Thai boxing) with the sport’s very best. Three years and two knee surgeries later, that dream was over. After spiraling into self doubt, pity and being an overall miserable person – going as far as forgetting how to smile for an entire year – Mark decided it was time for a major change.

It started with devouring as many personal development books as he could find, then experimenting with raw food diets, detoxes and Paleo lifestyles. Then came Tony Robbins seminars, Byron Katie workshops, yoga retreats, ancient frog medicines, tribal ceremonies, you name it – things as different from his suburban Virginian upbringing as possible.

Mark knew that whatever it was that led to his debilitating bout of depression and self doubt must also affect other people. He was determined to find out the techniques that can make us into better, more effective human beings.

Shortly after establishing himself as a life coach and presenter in Asia and Europe, Mark discovered the answer. Every conversation and coaching session about fear, trauma, self-loathing and self-doubt shared one common trait: the way in which people speak about them. The words we use.

Mark put this hypothesis to the test and four years and thousands of empowered clients and event attendees later, Procabulary was born.

The mission of this company is to dramatically reduce the amount of unnecessary stress and drama in the world and to create more powerful, happy people as a result. Procabulary offers courses, coaching and life events worldwide.

As Mark says, “With Procabulary, the conversation – with ourselves and each other – has officially been changed.”

“Procabulary takes a crazy huge topic like Language and makes it accessible and easy to understand.
What you think and what you say effects how well you breathe. If you are into yoga you HAVE to know this stuff.”Duncan Wong | Founder of Yogic Arts Kula
At Mark’s seminars in California I’ve seen the lives of others change in under an hour, as you help them to dismantle the negative stories they were holding onto for so long…Since having the privilege of completing your online course I’ve doubled my clientele and gotten way more clarity on my purpose! Thank you for sharing your genius!Tim Powers | Founder, Awakened Veterans